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Trapline stainless steel mole trap.  Choice of many pest control professionals.  Easily slides into tunnels.  Will not rust!



Trapline mole trap Dozen

  • The Trapline Mole Trap is made in a "standard" and a "large size", with the larger size trap having a jaw spread about 1/4 inch wider than that of the standard size trap. Other than this one small but important difference, the two sizes of mole traps are identical in all other regards. The large size is not more powerful than the standard size, as the spring tension on the two traps is identical.

    The standard size is the preferred size for trapping moles in most of the USA. It is the preferred trap for the Eastern Mole and Star Nosed Mole species that inhabit the eastern USA and the Midwest, as well as the Broadfooted Mole in California and the Coast Mole of Oregon and Washington.

    The large size trap is the preferred trap for use on European Moles found in the UK and throughout continental Europe. Many users from Michigan, Ohio, and Canada have reported better success with the large size trap, as those geographic regions seem to have relatively large moles. Finally, regardless of your geographic location, if you are trapping moles in very sandy soil(which can be a challenge), you may do well to give the larger size trap a try.

    The jaw spread of our mole traps as measured on the outside of the jaws when trap is in set position is as follows:

    Standard Size Mole = 2 inches

    Large Size Mole = 2 1/4 inches

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